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Fraud! My card was charged without my knowledge ?

We take accusations of fraud very seriously and work with local law enforcement and your bank to protect you.

Our Terms of Service is available on nearly every page on our websites. We highly recommend that you read and understand the subscription terms of service before you make any purchases online by clicking here.

Any reported incident of fraud will be fully investigated to protect you, the consumer, and us, the merchant. If you are a victim of identity theft, you should contact your credit card company and the authorities in your area immediately.

Before claiming fraudulent activity, we advise that you ask yourself the following:

* Have I ever joined any websites?
* Did I cancel my subscription?
* Who else can get access to my billing or personal information?
* Remember: Any family members or close friends may know where you keep your personal information. Could my SPOUSE, SON, DAUGHTER, or FRIEND have used my information? Remember: While we sometimes offer free trials, all memberships have a monthly charge after the trial period ends until canceled. They might not have read the Terms of Service.
* Am I willing to break the law and negatively affect my credit rating by illegally claiming fraud?

Using our online forensic tools with your full cooperation, we will honor a refund in your favor in the event of fraud at our discretion.

However, if you simply change your mind after agreeing to our subscription terms, you are not eligible to claim fraud on your credit card and receive a refund. Your report will be investigated by your banking institution, credit card bureau and by our fraud investigation department. All false accusations will lead to negative impacts on the card holder's credit.

Remember, you can cancel anytime on our unsubscribe page so there is no need to break the law. Please contact us by sending us an email, via Online Chat or by telephone and one of our agents will be happy to assist you.

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