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My Downloads are Slow!

Connection speed can vary - depending on the time of day and level of traffic on your ISP's network. As network or web congestion occurs, the playback quality can degrade to the point where the video freezes, continually re-buffers and the audio breaks up.
We invest a great amount of time and money to ensure our network is fast for most users with high-speed connections.
We recommend the following for best results when watching streaming video online:
1. Ensure your Internet connection is DSL or faster.
2. Remove any devices or programs that might be using up bandwidth. For example: downloading, other users on your network, a VOIP phone line, etc...
3. Make sure that your video & audio drivers are up to date.
4. Update your computer and browser to the newest versions of the software and install all updates.
5. If you are using a wireless home network - make sure it is secured so that your neighbour isn't stealing bandwidth.

 Last updated Mon, Mar 9 2015 11:00pm

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