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Errors Streaming Videos Online

There are many reasons you might receive an error message. Depending on the error message you see, it may be a problem with your computer or the file. If you receive an error message be sure and report it to us right away. 

Types of Errors:
* "Streaming Error" message
* Error message when you click on a download link

What you can do:
We do our best to ensure an error-free site but sometimes wires get crossed. If you come across an error please report it to us by using the link on the player page, or by sending us an email. Please include as much detail as possible regarding the error message you have received as the more information we have the more we can do to resolve the error.

Errors Caused by Your Computer
There are two very common things that you can do to ensure that you can watch videos. Check in your browser that JavaScript and Adobe Flash are enabled and up to date.

Flash Player Error
* Sound, but no video or no sound, only video
* Totally blank video player

What you can do:
* Check to see if JavaScript and Adobe Flash are enabled by going HERE
* JavaScript should be ENABLED
* Flash version should be 10 or higher
* Cookies should be ENABLED
* Ensure that your Adobe Flash Player is installed and up to date

If you still have problems, please send us an email or open a support ticket.

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